School Stress

Now that most people I know have been getting into the swing of a new semester, I want to talk about something that is constantly present in my life: school stress. Everyone experiences this because in school, especially college, you are expected to do so much at a high standard and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns where I sob on the phone to my mom and then binge watch a RomCom on Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and as I’ve grown as an adult and a student, I’ve discovered ways for me to manage this stress.

One of the biggest tools I use is lists. This is so simple and really makes a difference. When you have a lot to do in a short period of time, it feels like the world is spinning and is about to collapse on you. What I have learned to do is make a list of every thing I need to do, in order from what’s due first to last, and guesstimate how much time I think it will take me to accomplish each task. This way I can plan my days accordingly to what I think I will accomplish when. Then, I can cross everything off and that’s so unbelievable therapeutic to do!

Another great thing for me to do is vent my feelings to people. Sometimes all I need is to call my parents or my best friend and just freak out about what’s bothering me. They always give me good advice after and it’s nice to know that someone has listened and is sympathetic to what you’re going through. My mom is a teacher and sometimes when I get stressed while studying, she gives me good tips.

My mind wanders like you wouldn’t believe, especially when I try to go to sleep and when I’ve been particularly stressed during the day, I often struggle to sleep and get even more stressed. Something my roommate suggested is that I occasionally take a melatonin tablet when I struggle to fall asleep and it has made a huge difference in my life. Melatonin is the natural chemical in your brain that activates when you are tired and by taking a tablet of melatonin, you are kick starting this natural chemical and it helps you fall asleep faster. If I know I have a big day coming up, the night before I’ll try to get to bed early and take a meletonin and sleep like a log.

These are three things that have made a huge difference in my life. If you have tried any of these and have opinions to share, please do! Also, if you have any tips to help with stress, I’d love to hear about them!

Be Open to Love

This is an appreciation post for the man who pushes me to love myself every single day. And this is in no way saying that you need a man in order to validate your self-worth, but he is truly a catalyst in my journey to self love and self care physically, mentally, and emotionally. He is my coach in that when I’m down, he gets me to talk about it and helps me find a solution. And I can’t hide my feelings from him because he can always tell when something is wrong. I weighed less and had a lot less anxiety when we met and he loves me no matter what I look like or what state I’m in and I don’t know how I can ever show him how grateful I am to him for believing in me and loving me through every up and down in our relationship.

I went for so long thinking that I didn’t deserve love or that it was something that I could never have until I met Sam. We met at freshman orientation and after a hear and a half of friendship and us having painful crushes on each other, we finally started dating. These last two years have been some of the best of my life and I am so happy I allowed myself to love and to be loved. I love you, my potato.IMG_1890